Two million dollar renovation at Chippewa Falls Catholic church

A historic church in Chippewa Falls is set to undergo a transformation to modernize it to the needs of this century.

Originally built in 1872 Father Mark Pierce says the Notre Dame Church is a landmark in Chippewa falls.

“Every generation has renovated and repainted, but it's been a while and it's time for us to do that,” said Father Pierce. “With a building of that vintage not everything is up to modern standards.”

He says with a new century comes new needs so the church hopes to update its facilities including the restrooms, choir balcony and flooring to ensure all members of the parish are able to comfortably attend services.

“People’s sense of themselves reflects their space,” Father Pierce explained. “I think our own community and our visitors when they come to see the inside matches the outside, it's fresh and beautiful, that will reflect the faith of these people,”
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Photos: Notre Dame church, Chippewa Falls, WI (some insightful comments as well)


  1. I hope the 1872 church building is not a victim of post-Vatican Two "wreckovation" trends. I'd love to see the renovation plans. My late grandparents, father and uncles/aunts grew up in Chippewa Falls and used to attend this church. I would attend Mass here when visiting relatives in Chippewa Falls.

  2. I stopped to take photos of the interior on Holy Saturday and chatted with Fr. Pierce. Between the talk and the renderings I have seen, I think Notre Dame will be in fine shape when they finish!


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