A Tour of the Stunning St. John Cantius Parish, America’s Most Beautiful Church

It was almost destroyed in 1988, due to a bad financial situation and the movement to “update” church architecture. Thankfully, it was saved by a resourceful priest and with the help of Cardinal Francis George.

And now St. John Cantius church has been voted “America’s Most Beautiful Church”! Isn’t it amazing how fortunes can change?

The contest was called Church Madness and held on the website Art & Liturgy, which is run by Patrick Murray. It started wth 16 churches, separated out into four sections that met in the middle like the annual NCAA tournament. Each match-up was determined by polls held on the website.
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I've got a photo set from a couple years ago on Ascension Thursday.  A very photogenic church.  I'd really like to go down around Christmastime some year.  I love this place, a great story, and the Canon's whole philosophy is spot on.  Such a perfect fit for Chicago too.  I think they are also involved with the Chicago Academy for the Arts, correct me if I'm wrong.  

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