Bizarre animosity toward couple at New London Catholic parish leads to vandalism and death threats

A woman’s disability and the Texas background she and her husband share have been targeted by anonymous threats.

Timothy and Kristie Landwair of Oshkosh are asking for the public’s help in determining who’s behind three separate incidents this spring that they believe are linked.

The acts appear to stem from a parent or community member’s anger toward Timothy, who is coordinator of faith formation and youth ministry at Most Precious Blood Catholic Church in New London.

The first occurrence was in February when Tim received an unsigned letter mailed to his Oshkosh apartment. The writer accused him of refusing to help parish families with expenses to send youth to the March for Life anti-abortion rally in Washington, D.C.

The writer included jabs at Kristie, a wheelchair user who isn’t an MPB employee. The writer referred to her as Tim’s “invalid wife” and said he’s using her disability to make people feel sorry for him.

“Your (sic) trying so hard to show everyone how much smarter you are and showing how stupid you really are,” the sender wrote. “Your (sic) failing at everything. We don’t want you here. Your (sic) fat and pathetic take your crippled wife and go back to redneck Texas. No one will miss you!”
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Always ironic when rednecks write letters about another persons stupidity. How very un-Wisconsinlike.  

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  1. Someone's been drinking unfiltered Fox water. Gotta watch out for that stuff in the valley.


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