Man goes into women's locker room at UW-Milwaukee, claims he's discriminated against because he's transgender

A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student says she's been discriminated against by her school.

The transgender student said it happened at the school's fitness center, when she tried to use the women's locker room.

Justine Kramer identifies as a woman, but was born a man.

Kramer still went by Justin when she filed a complaint against the Klotsche Center. Since then, Kramer has legally changed her name, and soon her drivers license will reflect her female gender identity.

"A lot of people view me as a threat to their safety when I'm not," explained Kramer.

That's how Kramer said she felt she was viewed in the sauna at the Klotsche Center in January.
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Build a third locker room.

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  1. That may not work. I read that in Virginia a boy wanting to be a girl was not wanted in the girl's restroom so they built an 'any gender' restroom but that is NOT good enough! Oh no. That person still does not 'feel accepted'. Well, he never will be. That is because he is not a girl and hormones will not make it so. To continue to uphold these confused individuals and make the 99.9% of everyone else bow to them instead of helping them is awful.


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