Miracle in Chicago? Pilgrims flock to see Orthodox John the Baptist icon weeping drops of oil

Rev. Sotirios Dimitriou uses incense near the icon of St. John the Baptist, right, inside of Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Homer Glen. Dimitriou, recently hospitalized, went to kiss the icon when he saw and smelled what he described as a fragrant oil seeping from John the Baptist's hands, hair, halo and beard. Since that day, the priest's health has gradually improved, he says. 
(Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune)
Thousands of Orthodox Christians are flocking to a church in southwest Chicago to witness what they believe is a miracle.

According to the Chicago Tribune, tiny drops of sweet-smelling oil have been trickling down an icon of John the Baptist at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Homer Glen. The parishioners believe the droplets have healing properties.

Parish priest Rev Sotirios Dimitriou – known as Father Sam – said: "The first thing out of my mouth was 'What do I do?' You don't expect anything like this. It's breathtaking. It's so powerful to see such an act of God before your eyes."

The auxiliary bishop of the diocese told the Tribune it would not comment on whether the phenomenon was genuinely miraculous, saying "We let the faithful believe it if they wish." Bishop Demetrios added: "If it brings you closer to God that's wonderful. If it doesn't, it doesn't."
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  1. Sometimes such phenomena portent calamity - maybe this means the Obamas may move back to Chicago after he's out of office.


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