Paul Ryan at National Catholic Prayer Breakfast: “Religious liberty is going to make a comeback. There is a growing need for faith in this nation.”

People of faith have the responsibility to “advocate for their faith,” not only through good works, but on spiritual realms — one being through prayer, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, said May 17.

He made the comments at the 12th annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, which drew a record high of about 1,300 attendees to a downtown Washington hotel.
In his address, in addition to highlighting the importance of prayer, Ryan also emphasized the need to advocate for the government to safeguard religious liberty.

“Religious liberty is going to make a comeback,” he said. “There is a growing need for faith in this nation.”

Ryan, who is Catholic, also emphasized the importance of good works, referencing the ministry of Sister Constance and the Little Sisters of Poor.
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I think the Breitbart campaign against Paul Ryan is weird.  Not to say that I agree with all Ryan policy, but I just don't get it.  

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  1. Don't know enough about Ryan's opponent to endorse him....but Ryan has ALWAYS voted Big Gummint, has utterly failed to control the budget--or even to keep his promises about it--and has a fondness for silly treaties.

    IOW, Paul Ryan is not a Conservative. He occasionally talks a very good subsidiarity talk, but hasn't walked the walk.

    Ryan has also been artful in his dodges about immigration. It's ridiculous to claim that allowing un-vetted potential terrorists into this country--wholesale--is "who we are." Foreigners do NOT have Constitutional rights.

    He's a nice guy with a large wall around his house.


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