Powerful! Trailer for new movie "Outcasts" documenting Friars of the Renewal

Warning, mature viewing.

Intense.  I can't wait to watch.

Via Aletia:
So begins the trailer of a powerful new offering by Grassroots Films called Outcasts. Excerpting a long soundbite from Charlie Chaplin’s classic speech from The Great Dictator, and juxtaposing these words against haunting modern images, we’re shown snippets of people’s lives in five countries where the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal work and live. The film promises to prick our consciences and to consider the radical message of the Gospel, which is rooted in God’s profound love for every person, and the call to kindness — to find humanity in everyone, especially the desperate and forgotten. 


  1. Fantastic! It reminds me of Paolo Nutini's song Iron Sky. This is the best. I wish it could be an ad on network television.

  2. Thanks for posting! Looking forward to this!


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