Retired Green Bay priest accused of exposing himself to a minor, charged with four felonies

A local retired priest faces multiple charges after he allegedly exposed himself to a minor.

Father Richard Thomas, 78, of Green Bay, was charged with four felonies Thursday.
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SNAP wants to know what he was already seeking treatment for.

Thomas was living in Grellinger Hall, a home for retired priests in Allouez.
According to the criminal complaint, Thomas told investigators at the time of his arrest that "he is already seeking treatment." [Apparently forgetting his Miranda Rights]

"Why was he already in it if this was his first experience with some kind of sexual impropriety?" asked Alice Hodek.
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What do you call Ambulance Chasers for abuse?  SNApulance Chasers?

A fair question, but for all they know he was seeking treatment for dementia.  Would SNAP still choose to pursue litigation against a patient with clinically diagnosed dementia doing the same?  I'm not sure.  But anyway, in this case it certainly appears more nefarious.
Investigators say they’re searching for any other potential victims of indecent exposure by a retired Catholic priest.
According to the criminal complaint, Thomas exposed himself to a 16-year-old boy on March 14, 15, 16 and 17.
The complaint says on March 16 the naked man called out “hey” to the teen after using a flashlight to get the boy’s attention.

The boy told managers of the facility.

On April 8, the administrator of the facility said he found Father Thomas in an unoccupied room — where the teen reported seeing him — dressed in a bathrobe and standing in front of a window. Thomas told him he was looking for a place to shower.

“On all four occasions he attempted to get the attention of that person to expose himself and to show himself specifically to that person,” Lt. Jim Valley with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office says.

The complaint goes on to say Thomas was surprised to learn he was being charged with felony crimes, not misdemeanors, because it didn’t involve sexual contact with a person. [Wow.]

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  1. Maybe he has dementia? People with dementia do stuff like that. I'm serious - I know a monk whose behavior changed because od it and always took his clothes off.

    I'm serious, BTW.


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