Fanatic Friday: Beer Edition

It's been a heavy week... so I thought we could wrap up the week with some lighter fare.

Image: Via The Catholic Jester's Instagram.

From Brewer magazine:
Nearly 100 years before Laverne and Shirley sang their way to work at the fictional Shotz Brewery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin was already a beer city.

Today, more than a half dozen new breweries are looking to re-ignite the notion, but this time as a craft beer city.

In a complete bit of happenstance, multiple breweries are either opening as start-ups, moving into the city from other places in Wisconsin or expanding with a taproom all this summer.

Those that are opening just this year include Good City, City Lights, Third Space and Urban Harvest. Moving into the area from other parts of the state are Black Husky (from Pembine) and MobCraft (from Madison). Those join recent openers from the last year or so in the area like Brenner, Company, District 14 and Enlightened. 
Read the article here. I'm particularly excited to try Good City Brewing , as it is only a couple blocks from my apartment. First day open is today! Photos of the space here.

Ten new breweries are expected to open in the Milwaukee area by the end of the year. 


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