JS interviews West Allis resident and author of new tell all book on Scientology

The 80-year-old West Allis resident sat down this week to talk about his memoir, "Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige and Me," which almost immediately landed on The New York Times bestseller list and put the first-time author on major network news shows after it was published last month by St. Martin's Press.
Though there's little Scientology presence or history in Milwaukee, the area became part of the story when West Allis police arrested a private investigator who had been getting paid $10,000 a week to shadow Miscavige's every move since he left the church in 2012.

He and his second wife of nearly 25 years had come to Wisconsin to be near her parents. The private eye had fake IDs, multiple license plates, a GPS tracking device, guns and a silencer.
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