Third Strand brother ordained to the priesthood in Milwaukee today

While entering into the priesthood is on a decline nationally, one local family is helping reverse that trend in Milwaukee. Three brothers will be ordained priests after Saturday, June 4th -- as the final Strand brother is set to be ordained.

FOX6 News sat down with the brothers to talk about how rare this is -- three priests in one family.

"There's a combination of a very, very deep peace with a lot of excitement," said Vincent Strand.

In less than 24 hours, Vincent Strand will be an ordained priest. Following in not one, but two of his brother's footsteps.

"People are always quite surprised naturally. This is very rare to have three brothers who are all ordained priests," said Father Jacob Strand.
continue at Fox6 (St. Joan of Arc Chapel invoked)
Jesuits in U.S. and Canada to Ordain 20 New Priests
via Deacons Bench (also a link to Vincent Strand talks about his vocation)

So does anyone know how Fr. Luke Strand is doing?  Josh posted a couple years back that he was going through treatments for colon cancer.



  1. Fr. Luke is doing very well! He is the new vice-rector of St. Francis de Sales Seminary, where he will also be the Director of Human Formation. He has all of those duties on his plate, while remaining the Archdiocesan Director of Vocations! Fortunately, there's more personnel in that office now so he gets a few moments to sleep here and there.


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