AOTM Amoris Laetitia debate - Fr. Eckert vs Dr. Pence - posted online

Glad to see this Argument of the Month debate was posted online. I attended begrudgingly, certainly suffered from Synod/Amrois Fatigue Syndrome.  The only reason I went was just because it was the smoker and to catch up with friends.  To my pleasant surprise, the debate was high quality and I think that Dr. David Pence representing the "liberal side" makes some fantastic points, especially the harsh language that Pope Francis uses in Amoris Laetitia in the condemnation of gender ideology and the conservative complacency in the media blackout.  Argument of the Month is a model that should be used across the country, no other format creates this kind of lively, fair, and thorough treatment of Catholic topics.  We have to move past this paranoid Catholicism where bishop, priests and laity should fear reprisal for even discussing controversial issues.  It's okay to disagree on hot topics(especially over a pint of beer)!  AOTM creates an environment where Catholics truly grow in the Faith.

Classic Fr. Eckert poisoning the beer, loved it!

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