Petition: A Marian Grotto at Marquette University

“Mary, Queen of the Society of Jesus”
Please sign our petition asking Dr. Lovell and the Marquette Board of Trustees to approve the funding and construction of a Marian Grotto on Marquette campus.

“One night, while Ignatius was praying, ‘he distinctly saw the Blessed Mother of God with the Holy Infant Jesus! And at this sight, for quite some time, he was overwhelmed with consolation. And he remained with such disgust for his whole past life, and especially for impurity, that it seemed to him as if all the impressions which had hitherto been imprinted on his soul were torn away.’ From that moment until the end of his life, ‘he never again gave the least consent to impure sin. Consequently, the experience may be considered as having been from God.’”
– From the Autobiography of St. Ignatius of Loyola

St. Ignatius of Loyola was intensely devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was the impetus of his conversion, his lifelong devotion to Christ and his founding of the Society of Jesus. He was often referred to as a “Soldier of Mary” and “The Holy Knight of Mary.”
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