Pope taps Cupich for key bishops-making panel - Wuerl & Cupich now American kingmakers

By naming Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago to the Vatican's all-important Congregation for Bishops, Pope Francis effectively has positioned him, in tandem with Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., to be the American "kingmakers" on this pope's watch.

Pope Francis on Thursday named Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago to the Vatican’s all-important Congregation for Bishops, in effect positioning the Chicago prelate to help shape the next generation of bishops in the United States and around the world.

The Congregation for Bishops is composed of roughly 30 senior prelates from around the world, and is the body that submits recommendations for new bishops’ appointments to the pope. Although the final decision is always up to the pontiff, with relatively few exceptions, popes generally accept the panel’s recommendations.

As a result, the Congregation for Bishops is widely considered among the two or three most influential departments in the Vatican, and generally appointing someone as a member is a sign that they have the favor of the present pope.
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Despite Cardinal Wuerl's call to move beyond those Boring Old Doctrinal Battles That Moderates Are Like So Totally Above The Fray into the Stuff That Really Matters, he becomes the same ideologue he so happily condemned.

Don't just wring your hands, fold them in prayer.  Do what good you can with the time you have been given.



  1. Yes, this is really bad news. +Cupich makes other bishops who I used to think were moderate and weak look traditional. Prayers and fasting definitely. And also I think it's another reminder of the importance of supporting in every way possible traditional parishes and societies, like the Institute of Christ the King, and others like it. It's becoming more evident that these are where the pockets of strong, undiluted Catholic identity are to be found in this time of relativism and political correctness, even in the Church. It is within these parishes and communities that we can wait out this storm.

  2. A former Methodist, I've been on the road to the Church for over 15 years - all the while providing substantial momentary support for faithful Catholic media sources/blogs, but especially K-12 schools; I'm now beginning to wonder why...


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