Abp Hebda elaborates on charge dismissal, Archbishop Nienstedt investigation; "If we believed we were guilty, we would have pled guilty"

Q. You publicly admitted that the archdiocese failed to protect the three children abused by Curtis Wehmeyer, who once served as a priest in this archdiocese. Why didn’t the archdiocese simply plead guilty?

A. If we believed we were guilty, we would have pled guilty. As I discussed the matter with the various consultative bodies in the archdiocese, such as the Finance Council, the Board of the Corporation and the College of Consultors, there was a broad consensus that the archdiocese was not guilty of the crime with which we were charged. Our compelling reasons are set forth in the brief that now appears on the website of the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office.  [not a direct link and I did not find the brief in a quick search]

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