Grand opening for Holy Name Heights/Bishop O’Connor Catholic Center

MADISON -- “We have much to celebrate today,” said Bishop Robert C. Morlino of Madison. “We’re just beginning.”

He spoke those words at the start of a Votive Mass of the Most Holy Name of Jesus on August 18 -- the day of the grand opening of the Holy Name Heights/Bishop O’Connor Catholic Center in Madison.

Later in his homily, Bishop Morlino said the day was a “cementing of old friendships and the beginning of new ones” and he remarked on the “power” of the building now being called Holy Name Heights.

“The name of Jesus means power, means healing, means reverence,” Bishop Morlino said. “We, today, in this building, have a new kind of power in our witness to the world. We will, in so many ways, be in a much better position to use this building to proclaim the Gospel.”
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