Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher both self reporting they were fired by NCRegister

I'm just posting it happened, nothing more.  I indeed will pray for both of them, and to be clear I'm not being facetious or exercising schadenfreude.  I have Simcha's book; admittedly have not started yet.  I enjoyed Mark at Argument of the Month.  It's pretty clear he wrote poorly recently on a pro-life topic, one that needed more research to say the least(it happens), and that seems to have lead to a review on NCReg's part.  That said, one might be surprised to find out who's books he has ghostwritten.  Remember Pat Archbold got axed as well so NCReg proves the pendulum swings both ways.

Although I've disagreed with both in the past plenty of times(I primarily follow the news of the north anyway), I don't hesitate to pray for either and you should also.

Mark's blog:
Some of You May Be Surprised to Learn that I Have a Temper

Or not.

At any rate, it’s a frequent issue at confession for me and it gets me in trouble as, for instance, when I lose a writing gig at the National Catholic Register, a periodical that has shown me nothing but kindness for over a decade. I’m grateful to them for those years and I wish them well.
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Update: Also seeing posts that John Paul Shimek was fired as well but no sources yet.


  1. "I’m grateful to them for those years and I wish them well." Except that almost immediately after writing that, he began dissing NCR management, NCR donors, other NCR journalists or former journalists - including Pat Archbold - and everyone else under the sun. They're all part of the great Republican conspiracy to use babies as shields while they collaborate with Obama on their secret genocidal drone wars or whatever. Shea was (and is) an insane ticking time bomb.

    As for Fisher, I hope they spelled out exactly why they fired her. If it was for "behavior" distinct from her NCR writing - such as being a potty mouth on Facebook or whatever - then I'm uncomfortable with that. And that has nothing to do with whether I like her or not (I don't much). There's too much of that sort of thing going on these days. Should they have canceled Evelyn Waugh's publishing contracts because he was often a mean guy?

    1. It seems like Shea over the years has become more fanatic as time has gone by. But I haven't followed him very closely. Social media really is a bane for some, where immediate responses aren't always the best option.

      I agree on Fisher to a certain degree, but if the behavior is on a public social site it's probably a little different then Waugh, but I get what you are saying. I think if I remember a while back she went on a wild goose chase trying to unveil who runs Rorate Caeli or something. She's sort of like the Breitbart of the Catholic left-of-center crowd.

  2. Your calls for prayers is charitable. You have helped me decide to drop a Miraculous Medal to the Prez @ St. Norbert College. Immaculate Heart of Mary - Ora Pro Nobis

  3. How about a bit of conspiracy theory??

    Shimek's latest rant at the Register was published even though Shimek did not have the 'keys to the car,' i.e., username and password. He had been fired quite some time ago.

    So. S'pose Shea gave him his credentials and NCR found out??


    1. That is interesting... Was he fired after the illegitimate post dust up?

    2. I'll get on this and report back asap.


  4. Little Shimek's Lord Fauntleroy Rant was published about a month ago. Don't know with certainty when Shea was canned, but it seems to be very recent--not a whole month.


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