Mass for Peace at All Saints Church, Thursday, August 18th

Via our Archdiocese of Milwaukee, an invitation:
August 17, 2016

Dear Friends,

The heartbreaking events of these days call for a response from our Archdiocese. On behalf of the Archbishop, and as Vicar General for Urban Ministry, our first response is, as always in times of need and brokenness, prayer.

In light of that, I invite the entire Archdiocese and anyone of goodwill to come together on:
Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.
All Saints Parish, 4051 N. 25th St., Milwaukee (25th & Capitol)
I would really appreciate representatives from all our parishes in the Archdiocese to be present. It is so easy to see this as an “urban” issue belonging to somebody else.

This is our issue as believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The hopelessness of seeming insurmountable issues must be met together from wherever we live. United in our belief in the Paschal Mystery, we hope to move from the seeming Armageddon of a destructive weekend to the mission of making a just and peaceful society for all. With God’s help, we shall prevail!

Please join us!


Very Reverend Timothy L. Kitzke, V.G.


  1. Certainly prayer is the place to begin. I hope however, that we'll begin speaking honestly about the real source of the problems in the inner city: the deliberate, decades-long assault/war on the nuclear family (mom+dad) on the part of Democrats who've been running our city for ages. Where are most abortion clinics? In black communities (by design). Violence begins at these clinics, and spreads out from there. We need leaders to have the courage to speak the hard truth, instead of using politically safe catch-phrases about "gun violence."

  2. Anonymous are so right. When will these issues be addressed......BTW....Kitzke.....another Weakland holdover....Spare us
    O, Lord!

  3. 30+ yrs ago, I was a nursing student at MU. Our public health rotation put us into homes in these neighborhoods. Bet they're not doing that now. St. Michaels Hospital was a beautiful facility, where I aspired to work after graduation. Not there anymore. Every morning the report in the conference room of Labor & Delivery would list the patients (new mothers): "Unwed, keeping", "Unwed, Keeping", "Unwed Keeping"... I think this had something to do with the hospital's and neighborhood's demise.


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