New Chesterton Academy of Milwaukee hosts inaugural opening Mass August 24 at Holy Hill

Celebrate with students, staff, faculty, family and friends as we give thanks to Almighty God for His many blessings throughout this endeavor and humbly request the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the academic year ahead.

Faculty and staff will also take the Oath of Fidelity on Assuming an Office to Be Exercised in the Name of the Church in accordance with Saint Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio Ad Tuendam Fidem.

Mass will be followed by a social and refreshments at Holy Hill Café.

Beginning the school year with a Mass of the Holy Spirit is a centuries-old custom. Teachers and students gather and pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit – Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord. The understanding is that only by the guidance of the Holy Spirit can teaching and learning bear fruit, for only by Him can the truth be discovered. The Dictatorship of Relativism renders education fruitless as it insists there is no objective truth to be discovered. At this Mass, we openly reject this error and joyfully embrace the objective, knowable and central reality that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

This is the first year of this new school located in Brookfield.  As you may be aware, Chesterton Academy in Edina, MN(founded by Dale Ahlquist) has franchised in a sense the school and now has nine locations, three which open this year.  It is a nice option for a school that wants to get into the classical tradition that is sweeping the country.


  1. The arrival of Chesterton Academy in Milwaukee is a true blessing. Parents can trust that their children are going to be taught the undiluted faith and critical thinking skills in a methodology that has guided Western thought for thousands of years. Rejecting the narrow Progressive view of education (which has taken root at many schools), Chesterton sees the student within the context of being a son/daughter of God, made in His image and destined for heaven.

  2. "Chesterton Academy of Milwaukee" located 20-30 minutes outside of Milwaukee.

  3. Love it! And daily Mass! Wish this were closer to me and my high schoolers. Bet they won't impose mandatory random drug testing either, a scourge that is spreading thru Catholic school systems nationwide. Never would have chosen our local Catholic HS had we known.

  4. Has Archbishop Listecki publicly condemned this school as he did a few years ago when some people tried to open a Catholic high school in Racine?


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