Great piece by NPR: How The Catholic Church Documented Mother Teresa's 2 Miracles

from a friend: 

This piece from National Public Radio (of all venues!) on the upcoming canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a delight to listen to, being a totally accurate representation of the Catholic Church's teaching on the intercession of the saints and the process of canonization (the audio link is in the top left part of the page, but the article itself contains some additional information.)

What I found most fascinating is that one of the physicians approached for the documentation of a miracle associated with Mother Teresa's intercession was quite open about her atheism:

"'I revealed my atheism to them,' Duffin says. 'I told them my husband was a Jew, and I wasn't sure if they'd still want me. And they were delighted!'

The group reasoned that if Duffin, as an atheist, found there was no scientific reason the woman should have recovered, who could doubt it was a miracle? In fact, after her investigation of the woman's recovery, Duffin agreed that the woman's healing was — for lack of a better word — miraculous.

Intrigued by the experience, Duffin investigated hundreds of other miracle stories chronicled in the Vatican archives in Rome. She came away convinced that 'miracles' do indeed happen."

Great job, NPR!

NPR: How The Catholic Church Documented Mother Teresa's 2 Miracles

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