John Allen: Why Muslims need to hear both Pope Francis and Cardinal Burke

Burke, however, takes a very different, and obviously less irenic, point of view in thinking about Islam.

“Our ancestors gave their lives to save Christianity because they saw that Islam was attacking sacred truth,” he said on Monday. “Everything I’ve said of Islam is based on my own study of its book and its commentators.”

With no hesitation, he said, “Capitulating to Islam would be the death of Christianity.”

To be precise, it’s not that there’s necessarily any contradiction between the pope’s line and Burke’s. Francis is likely making a doctrinal point, which is that there’s only one God and Muslims (like Jews and others) join Christians in professing belief in that God. Burke is really talking theology, making the equally common sense observation that Muslims have a different theology from Christians on many points. (The Trinity may be the most obvious example, but hardly the only one.)

Still, there is an unmistakable contrast between the way Pope Francis and many Catholic leaders talk about Islam, and the way Burke does.
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It has always seemed to me possible, and even probable, that there would be a resurrection of Islam and that our sons or our grandsons would see the renewal of that tremendous struggle between the Christian culture and what has been for more than a thousand years its greatest opponent.

- Hilaire Belloc,  The Great Heresies(1938)

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