Mother Teresa and her Jesuit spiritual director

Fr. John Hardon SJ and Mother Teresa
Father Hardon participated in various apostolates to religious communities.  In the early 1980s, Pope John Paul II instructed Mother Teresa of Calcutta to have her order evangelize the poor in addition to looking after their material needs.  When she stated she didn't know where to begin such an endeavor, the Pope referred her to Cardinal Ratzinger, who called upon Hardon to instruct her Missionaries of Charity. To fill this need Hardon wrote a catechetical course for Mother Teresa's order. The course later was adapted and used to create two catechetical home study courses for lay Catholics. In 1985 Hardon founded the Marian Catechist Apostolate, an organization that uses these home study courses to provide catechetical formation to lay people in order to prepare them for catechetical ministry.  - wiki


In fact, some had wrote that their friendship would cast doubt on if Mother Teresa would be beatified.


After the 9:30 Latin Mass at the Shrine this Sunday the Friars will be having public veneration of a 2nd class relic belonging to Mother Teresa of Calcutta "her personal handkerchief"


  1. The Holiness is radiating from those photos of Fr. Hardon and Mother Teresa. Wow! -Steve D.

  2. Great photos! I hope and pray and believe that Servant of God Fr. John Hardon is in heaven with Mother Teresa. Fr. Hardon is an exemplar of what a faithful Jesuit should act like!


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