New State Farm commercial with Aaron Rodgers and Clay Mathews is fantastic

I know we are getting a bit footbally here(and I've got several of your emails to follow up on), but, well just watch.


  1. I enjoy the games, but at the same time, the NFL is becoming so disgustingly political/liberal/p.c. Their halftime shows are filth and the players are becoming more interested in celebrity. The left is in the driver's seat and it's tainting the whole league. Not sure how much more I can watch...

    1. The NFL's persecution of state rights has me souring quite a bit. How a sports league has placed itself on the emperors throne is beyond me. Maybe the Super Bowl halftime shows are bad, but the Packers regular season features the Wisconsin Marching Band regularly, I rather enjoy those. Who knows what the next pet cause will be for the NFL, but contrary to popular opinion they are not too big to fail. I've already decided to watch far less non-Packers games this year because of it.


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