Abp Listecki: Anti-Catholicism ‘equal opportunity prejudice’ in campaign

MILWAUKEE (CNS) — Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki called anti-Catholicism “an equal opportunity prejudice” evident in the presidential election.

Quoting historian Arthur Schlesinger Sr., he noted the campaigns of Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton have engaged in “the deepest held bias in the history of the American people.”

Writing in his “Herald of Hope” column in the Oct. 20 Catholic Herald, a publication serving the Catholic community in southeastern Wisconsin, the archbishop said Trump’s criticism of Pope Francis last February “smacked of ‘nativism’ and a demeaning of the Catholic faith.”

The candidate’s comments were a response to the pope saying, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.”
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  1. This is just nonsense. Whatever one thinks about Trump, he has no problem with LEGAL immigration. There is clearly a huge problem with illegal immigration and crime in this country. Talk to the victims and their families. We're not even enforcing laws that are on the books when it comes to illegal immigration. And conservatives are implicitly called bigots for wanted some control over their country's border? No wonder so many Americans are fed up with both parties. This sweeping, appeal-to-emotion way of arguing by many, even in the Church, on the issue of immigration is getting old. To draw a moral equivalency between the truly bigoted remarks in the Clinton Wikileaks emails and Trump's view on illegal immigration is terrible. Bishops are doing this so they can say, "You see, I'm not just criticizing one side (with abortion), I'm criticizing both sides (abortion and anti-illegal immigration)." It's a rhetorical tactic to position oneself as the "rational" center and not get anyone mad at you. It's right out of Saul Alinsky's playbook. With abortion-on-demand and the Supreme Court on the line this year, singling out one's position on illegal immigration as reason to be morally outraged is shocking.

  2. The archbishop is like Cleopatra clutching an asp bosom-ward and then marveling at its bite. This is self-inflicted "glorification" by taking offense at the same sort of offenses the church dishes out. I think the annual two weeks of tedium limply observed by the USCCB is a similar exercise in self-pity when taking into consideration serious international threats to religious liberty.


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