ICKSP highlights St. Stanislaus restoration

In March of 2015, St Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Parish & Oratory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, undertook the beginning of a truly providential restoration project of the Sanctuary in preparation for the 150th anniversary of St Stanislaus Parish in 2016. Similarly, in 1966 St Stanislaus went through a major renovation program in preparation for the parish 100th year anniversary and changes in the liturgy.

After studies, inspections and architectural designs, the plans for the Sanctuary were finalized and work started several weeks before Easter 2015. The first pictures show the free standing altar, aged carpeting, mono color of sanctuary, as well as the 2 feet of concrete poured to raise the level of the sanctuary up to the same level of the original high altar.

Before the concrete could be removed in view of returning the sanctuary to its original level, plans and drawings were carefully reviewed. The first step was to disassemble the free standing altar and the front of the high altar. The parts were carefully stored to return to the high altar in the future.
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