In “seismic shift” Pope appoints very liberal Cupich and 2 more U.S. progressives among 17 new cardinals

Yeah, I'm late to the party but here's the bad news.
In Sunday, Pope Francis announced that Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich will be appointed a cardinal on November 19. The move is alarming pro-life, pro-family, and tradition-minded Catholics because of Cupich’s record as an extremely liberal bishop.

As a cardinal, Cupich will be eligible for the papacy and able to vote in papal elections. At the end of his Angelus message Sunday, Pope Francis announced that he will hold a consistory to appoint the new cardinals.

Prominent Vatican journalist John Allen Jr. revealed the "seismic shift" nature of at least Francis' three new American cardinal picks, writing in Crux News today,

"Pope Francis on Sunday engineered what may prove to be a seismic shift in the Catholic hierarchy in the United States, elevating not one or two, but a full three new American cardinals seen as belonging to the centrist, non-cultural warrior wing of the country’s hierarchy."
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I'm not sure I believe in the "centrist" label anymore.  This whole, we-are-beyond-doctrinal-questions is pretty clearly a facade.

Chicago Trib: Chicago Archbishop Cupich to be elevated to rank of cardinal

The last thing that libs want in the public square is a strong Catholic identity that understands and enunciates clearly the primacy of the right to be born and the sanctity of matrimony between one man and one woman. catholics don’t like or want cultural warriors. They want culture appeasers.
Suffice it to say, it's become Pope Francis' unique habit that, in announcing new cardinals, no one is told in advance – above all the designates... let alone anyone else.
Of the 13 future Cardinal electors, three have either attended or presided at at least one liturgical ceremony celebrated according to the Traditional Latin Rite in the post-Summorum era. These are Bp. Farrell, who blessed the Mater Dei (Irving, TX) parish church of the FSSP in 2010; Abp. Tobin, who celebrated Confirmation (followed by Benediction) according to the Traditional form in Holy Rosary Church in Indianapolis in 2013, and again earlier this year; and Bp. Maurice Piat (75), who attended a Traditional Latin Mass in choro last month.

A special mention goes to Cardinal-elect Ernest Simoni (88), who was imprisoned by the Albanian communists for 27 years (1963 - 1990). He continued to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass from memory and to give communion in secret during his long incarceration.

I'm curious what the litmus test is in this process...   a while back it was considered very anti-Catholic for people in the pews to question the popes judgment.  Now, everyone is desperate for him to do or say something they can get behind.

Considering the political unrest in the US with the Democratic Party making a major shift against religious liberty, overtly and openly now, the Church is set for mass defections, even before this announcement.  Sure that defection has been sort of under the surface for years, but when the political situation becomes volatile it looks like that really could lead to a rupture in the Church in the US.  If "culture warriorism" is the worst sin a Church leader can commit, what does the alternative look like?  It is certain we will now see.  In this seismically shifted Church, we know All Are Welcome but few are chosen.

Before the internet, peasants had little knowledge of the makeup of the college of cardinals.  Work on the interior life.  Become a saint.  Don't make rash decisions about leaving the Church in some manner.  Wander where you must to find peace.


  1. I just keep thinking, "Cardinal Sarah would be so nice to see in the white cassock..." Let us pray.

  2. Maybe peasants wouldn't care, or maybe peasants would burn down the Vatican embassy.

  3. We used to think it was the liberals who would all eventually find themselves creating an American Catholic Church. Turns out, it might just be us on the outside looking in.

    1. For a blog that values orthodoxy and obedience; it's a little alarming (or perhaps telling) to see one openly musing about schism.

    2. The appointments are telling and alarming...

  4. Bp. Farrell of Dallas was a disruptor at the U of Dallas' attached School of Pastoral Ministry--which has become quite liberal following that Bishop's interventions.


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