"Why do You Reject Catholic Morality?" Shaun McAfee on Catholic Answers Live

Shaun McAfee hosted the show on this topic this past Monday. Podcasts are available of the program's first hour, and its second hour with guest Trent Horn. This was Shaun's first time hosting the show.

As he says, he founded and edits Epic Pew and writes for the National Catholic Register. He's author of the book Filling Our Father's House.

I met Shaun two summers ago at the first annual Aquinas Leadership International Summer World Congress at the former Immaculate Conception Seminary in Huntington, New York. (In the group photo, that's him in the back row far left.) He had the task of overseeing the live video feed but was called upon, on short notice, to fill in for a speaker who was not able to attend. He put together a good overview of the basics of social media and its use for distance education.

P.S. On Shaun's Facebook today,

"So I'll be hosting Catholic Answers Live again this Friday with guests Steven D. Greydanus and Fr. Gary Lauenstein."

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