RCC: Saint Bernard Catholic Church, Wauwatosa WI

Note: This is one in a series of five posts previewing the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Very Important Parishes (VIP) event on Saturday, November 5th. To view the other preview posts and learn more about VIP, check out the first post in the series.
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  1. I live in Wauwatosa. This church screams 1960s. The exterior design is pretty depressing. The church itself occupies a hill in the Tosa Village, which is a historic, quaint area with lots of shops, cafes and restaurants. Imagine if this church had been built according to a traditional style... sadly, it's also a very liberal parish. Years back, a friend walked out when the priests spoke about ordaining women priests, he [the priest] was given a standing O by the parishioners.

    1. Yikes! Too bad, sounds like an opportunity for evangelization lost.

  2. This was the parish of His Excellency, Bp Fabian Bruskiewicz. Then Abp Weakland put a raging liberal in there to tear down everything Bruskiewicz had built and maintained.

  3. Is that a plant on top of the tabernacle? Sheesh.

  4. And the Communion Rail has been removed. This was once a thriving parish.
    No more.


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