Woman sues Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office after her newborn died inside the Milwaukee County Jail

A woman is suing the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office in an $8.5 million lawsuit -- alleging mistreatment that resulted in the death of her newborn in the Milwaukee County Jail.

Her attorney claims her pregnancy was progressing normally at the time.Her attorney told FOX6 News his client, 30-year-old Shade Swayzer was arrested on July 6th, when she was eight-and-a-half months pregnant. She was taken into custody after an altercation with police, and prior to being booked into jail, she was taken to a hospital for an examination.
She went into labor inside her cell.  Swayzer alleges her child was alive long enough for her to breast feed, but later, the baby died.   She claims guards checked in on her six hours after she gave birth.


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