Cdl Burke on The World Over: "We are trying to address the division which has already been ramped up" "I will never be part of a schism"

And I think that quote is the precise and honest truth.  Fr. Spadero may think that his insults and shaming of everyone whom has a disagreement with him is an effective tool of persuasion, but the reality is he has antagonized much more people than he would have dreamed.  The silent majority is in waiting.  The position The Four have presented(aka, the position of St John Paul II) is certainly the majority in the Church's hierarchy.

The Francis papacy is such a missed opportunity.  There is so much to be said on many of the topics he as brought to light, but he insists on a rupture.  Whatever happens with The Dubia, I'm waiting myself to see what The Reaction is to Pope Francis, or hopefully not what is The Overreaction.  I hope many of the topics that came up in the Pope Francis pontificate do indeed get some clarity at some point in the future as they are important, however any current insights into a topic like how Catholics, whom are moved to faith after a second marriage, live out their faith has been lost.  I think the Church can move to address these issues without the need for theological rupture.  And even if theological rupture were somehow required, it would need significant explanation which simply has not been forthcoming.  It requires something more than an off the cuff declaration that all marriages are invalid unless proven otherwise.

Very candid, well worth the time to watch.

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