"Sacred Catholic Yoga" vs The School of Prayer

Also, the instructor’s website is loaded with New Age language and God, the “Great Spirit” is referred to as “her.”  But beyond this example, which isn’t particularly interesting, as faddish yoga is boringly ubiquitous these days, what is troubling is that it is indicative of a wider and deeper spiritual impoverishment at the parish level when it comes to everyday Catholics and their awareness of the Church’s time-honored patrimony and heritage on prayer and the spiritual life. Sincere, well-meaning individuals are looking for “spirituality” but don’t know where to turn for answers. So “Catholic Yoga” crops up to fill the void. We’re looking outside our own house when we have plenty of better resources inside to tap into. The problem is they’ve been boxed up and stored in the attic, long forgotten.
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Bingo!  James nails it.

To really offer a Catholic alternative to Yoga, I think a monastic community needs to attach a martial art to true Catholic theology.  Having someone whom does not understand basic Christian philosophy lead the charge is worse than a waste of time, it's harmful.

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