Who is that dashing holy man ripping up the ice? Skating ICKSP priest featured in STL Post-Dispatch

In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. Then there was Light. And Water. Oh heavenly water that pooled and cooled into a giant oval sheet of ice at Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park.

For the Rev. Canon Jean-Baptiste Commins of St. Francis de Sales Oratory of St. Louis, the ice was good. So very good that on a crowded Saturday evening in early December after intently lacing up his Bauer hockey skates beneath his long cassock, he waited eagerly for the rink’s Zamboni to finish its rounds.

When the big machine lumbered off the rink leaving the surface glistening under starry holiday lights, Commins bolted onto the ice.

He did a quick turn with his hands in his fleece vest pockets. His habit blew backward at his ankles. He darted left and right, forward and backward around dozens and dozens of more earthly, wobbly skaters.
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This is just a fantastic article featuring Canon Commins of the Institute of Christ the King.

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