So it's pretty icy here in La Crosse....

Bob posted an update: A weird thing happened in La Crosse, we had an ice storm like one that I have never seen in my 48 years. I glanced out the front window about 4 yesterday afternoon and noticed that the street in front of my house was sheer ice. I mentioned it to my son who asked if he could go out and skate on it, I said no so he went and slid on the ice with his shoes on. When his brother got home he had a pair of his old skates on and said I’m going skating on the street and his brother then piped up saying me too, they grabbed their skates, I videoed them on my phone uploaded to Facebook and by this morning over a half a million people have seen the video, my kids were pretty pumped last night constantly giving us updates on how many people have seen the video, a friend of mine said it was on the national news. Crazy.

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