Guam media reports the Vatican sending Cardinal Burke to investigate sex abuse accusations against archbishop

ROME - Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, a church law expert and former head of the Vatican’s highest court, arrived in Guam Feb. 15 as the presiding judge in a church trial investigating allegations of sexual abuse leveled against Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron of Agana.

The Vatican press office confirmed a “tribunal of the first instance” was constituted by the Vatican Oct. 5 and its presiding judge is Cardinal Burke. Four other judges, all of whom are bishops, also were appointed, the press office said.

“When an action is in a ‘first instance’ court, that indicates that it is in the initial trial phase,” according to the website of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which handles accusations of clerical sexual abuse.
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Because the knives are out for Cdl Burke I worry that this is being orchestrated to somehow leave the cardinal "supporting" predatory clergy in the case Archbishop Apuron is innocent.  At this point, I'm not sure any theory is conspiratorial considering the unprecedented unrest in Rome.

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M. Prodigal said...

Always watch out for a double cross.