Notre Dame in Chippewa Falls completes $2 million renovation, Bishop Callahan visits for blessing

The Church of Notre Dame, which recently finished its $2 million renovation project, is going to have a special visitor at its Sunday Mass.

Bishop William Callahan of the La Crosse Diocese will lead his first liturgy in the church at 10 a.m. [last] Sunday.

While Callahan has visited the city several times, Msgr. Mark Pierce said this is the first time he will be leading prayer at the Church of Notre Dame.
Chippewa Herald

I can't wait to see for myself next time I'm in town!!  Some before pictures.

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Anonymous said...

My family goes up there a few times a year; we love this parish. It's Novus Ordo, but extremely well done. Further, they have a kneeler for Communion! My kinda church.