Diocese of La Crosse gets green light on corned beef, stipulation of another meatless day to replace

La Crosse Tribune has a nice writeup other than the title: "St. Paddy's Day on a Friday lifts Catholic ban on meat that day."  Lifts ban on meat?  Sigh.  

I'm not going to transcribe the whole letter out, but here's the (really fantastic) stipulation: 
I ask, however, that those who are to celebrate the Memorial of St. Patrick on March 17, 2017, choose another day during that Second Week of Lent as a day of abstinence from meat, in substitution for the observance of Friday March 17th. I also encourage those who are to celebrate this memorial to attend the Holy Sacrafice of the Mass on that day or at least to participate in some other pious action, such as the praying of the Rosary whether individually, as a group or as a family.
I didn't see officials on Green Bay or Superior yet.  

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