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Litany of St Joseph


  1. Interesting how we usually depict Jesus, Mary, Joseph and others. If we ran their Ancestry.com as depicted in the picture of this article they would probably come up 100% western European. Just an affirmation of the many ways we like to create God in OUR image and likeness.

    1. All cultures do this. There is nothing "wrong" with an artist depicting Christ or the saints. The tilma of Guadalupe depicted the Virgin as a mestizo. You can lookup Daniel Mitsui if you want to view some fantastic depictions in the Japanese style: http://www.danielmitsui.com/00_pages/millefleur_dream_joseph.html. Christ has always been depicted as a variety of races, again nothing wrong with that, it's art. You might like some of James Tissot's works, depicting Christ in a very Jewish way if that's what you are looking for.


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