WisSJ features St Peter's parish in Ashton: Friday fish fry fundraisers: hard work, community and cash

ASHTON — There were plenty of cooks in the kitchen Friday but not too many.

Don Marty and Marion Hellenbrand used an attachment on the front of an industrial mixer to chop cabbage for coleslaw. A few feet away, Beth Spahn and Jackie Hellenbrand stood before a pile of potatoes and wrapped each with a 9-inch-by-10-inch piece of precut aluminum foil.

Some packed coleslaw into five-and-a-half-ounce plastic cups, others worked at slicing loaves of homemade white bread and a few cut one-pound bricks of Alcam butter into quarters, placing each onto a small saucer.

At the sink, a team of six worked on the main course for the fish fry at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in the basement below the 151-year-old parish school. This is where they pried apart loins of cod before slicing the fish into three-and-half-inch long cutlets and sorting the chunks by thickness to ensure consistency at cooking time.

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  1. It's a beautiful little church, very similar to St Mary's in Pine Bluff. Besides cutting the altar away from the reredos to be freestanding, St Peter's survived the wreckovation era pretty much intact, including side altars, frescoes, lots of statues, and even a real ambo.

    Fr Schroeder invited the Tridentine Mass Society out there last summer to celebrate their 150th anniversary with an EF Missa Cantata on their patronal feast day of Sts Peter and Paul. There are some nice pics on the TMSM Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/latinmassmadison/photos/a.519472548245222.1073741844.335589096633569/519473148245162/?type=1&theater


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