Diocese of Duluth announces new high school's name as "Stella Maris Academy"

The Diocese of Duluth announced on Friday that its newly formed Duluth Catholic school will be named Stella Maris Academy.

Duluth's Catholic schools are unifying into one citywide school with multiple campuses under the new name beginning next school year. Stella Maris is a name for Mary meaning "Star of the Sea." According to the diocese, "star of the sea" has a special significance to Duluth residents and emphasizes Mary's role as a sign of hope and a guiding star for Christians.
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Duluth has a beautiful little church named Mary, Star of the Sea as well.  For those not familiar with the area:
The Duluth–Superior seaport is the largest and farthest-inland freshwater seaport in North America. By far the largest and busiest on the Great Lakes, the port handles an average of 46 million short tons of cargo and over 1,100 visits each year from domestic and international vessels.
It is probably the most beautiful city in our area.

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