Eric Thames and Beer City a match made in heaven, well actually Korea

“I figured my days in MLB were over,” Thames says. “When the season ended, I thought, ‘OK, MLB teams don’t want me, let me go to Japan. Then, my agent (Adam Karon) called me and told me that Milwaukee was interested. I’m like, ‘On a major league contract?’ I think everybody in the world was surprised they were willing to give me that kind of money. I’m still shocked myself.

“I came to Milwaukee before I signed, checked it out, and after an hour I knew it was where I wanted to be. I love the Midwest. I love the hospitality of people. And Milwaukee has great beer.
“I love beer.”
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Thames is matching Brewer records over the beginning of the year hitting six home runs in his last five games.

I won't be asking him about Zen anytime soon but the guy is the best story in baseball thus far and I can certainly appreciate a renaissance man who's journeyed the road less traveled.  We've got a little something to be excited about Brewer fans!

I would totally get a Thames jersey if his name was in Korean on the back.

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