La Crosse Mary Mother of the Church parish raised $3.4 of $3.8 million for parish addition

Both parishes developed during the baby-boom era of big families, with the school enrollment thus approaching 800 elementary students dispersed among 16 classrooms. In 2012, it became clear that the school building needed either major renovation and repair to meet basic standards as a school or be replaced.

The passage of time also changed the parish’s demographics, with a fraction of young children than previously and more older families than young, according to a brochure tracing the steps toward the upcoming building program.

Konopa, who became pastor of the debt-free parish of 1,000 souls in 2014, said the parish convened 19 sessions where members brainstormed about the future and considered three options.
The decision emerged to construct a new parish hall and religious education adjacent to the church, which technically still is named St. Thomas More Church, under Catholic Church law in which church buildings can’t be changed. But the parish is Mary, Mother of the Church, as its sign in front proclaims.

A pledge drive has secured cash and pledges of $3.65 million, and projections including pledges and fundraising are that the parish will have $3.8 million to cover all or most of the addition by the end of 2018, according to parish figures.
full at La Crosse Trib

When the demolished my elementary school I took it as an allegory of the demolition of my happy childhood memories.  The school was damaged by a tornado a few years ago and it was necessary to remove the school.  Now they have a giant empty lot.  A parish center makes a lot of sense.

As a parish, bad-ish music(it really varies each time I go, sometimes pretty reasonable) and despite the ugly church it's not the worst parish in La Crosse.  The original church had the tabernacle in the middle of church not hidden where it is now.  The priest is very good, a Steubie with an emphasis on Church History.  Speaking of, I have actually made decent progress on my La Crosse post and got some input, will probably put it up this spring.

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