Next week will mark the ten year anniversary of the death of the great Msgr. Richard Schuler

Circled is Monsignor Richard J. Schuler, PhD
Eminent twentieth century church musician.
via Orbis
Monsignor Richard J. Schuler (1920 – 2007) passed away on Friday April 20, 2007. Over the years, Monsignor Schuler preserve the traditional dignity and sacrality of the Roman Rite. Inspiring Fr. C. Frank Phillips, C.R., to develop an expansive liturgical music program at St. John Cantius, Msgr. Schuler provided Cantius a model, as he was a renowned master of Sacred Music. Monsignor Schuler also did more perhaps than any other priest in this country to preserve the sacred musical heritage of the Catholic Church after Vatican II.
- Canons of St. John Cantius
Over the years, Monsignor Schuler did significantly more than most here in the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis to preserve the traditional dignity and sacrality of the Roman Rite. Though he eventually came to offer the New Mass, his Church of St. Agnes was the only one in Minnesota to preserve the Latin language in the New Mass every Sunday up to and including the present day. His 10:00 High Mass was so close to the Tridentine Mass in general appearance, in fact, that visitors often mistook it for the same.

The Holy Week services at St. Agnes were an event, drawing Catholics from far and near, since the rites had remained comparatively unchanged and retained much of the spirit and general character of the old days.
- Michael Matt

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