Abp. Listecki explains big changes to Racine area Catholic schools

RACINE — Starting in the 2018-19 school year, Racine Catholic schools will be part of a the new St. Catherine of Siena School system, which will involve the Archdiocese of Milwaukee hiring three new administrative positions. The five Racine area Catholic elementary schools along with St. Catherine’s Middle and High School are going to be part of the system.

Archbishop Jerome Listecki made the announcement to pastors, principals and trustees in a closed meeting at Sacred Heart Catholic Parish, 2201 Northwestern Ave., on Wednesday, following similar announcements recently made at other parishes.

The change comes after months, and in some respects years, of planning the realignment in effort to boost enrollment and overall quality of Catholic education.

Listecki said increasing costs and shifting demographics have weighed heavily on local parishes.

“We always have to make Catholic education accessible and affordable,” Listecki said. “What this does is it helps to promote those two qualities.”
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