Mary, Help of Christians, ora pro nobis!

"Emperor" Napoleon
Give The Church victory over Her enemies!

Our Lady Help of Christians, commemorates the defeat of one of history's greatest generals, Napoleon Bonaparte.  Waterloo was a decisive battle in more than one sense. It definitively ended the series of wars that had convulsed Europe, and involved many other regions of the world, since the French Revolution of the early 1790s.  It ushered in almost half a century of international peace in Europe; no further major conflict occurred until the Crimean War.

In the end, his prisoner Pope Pius VII would prevail where Napoleonic France would surrender.

Liturgical feasts celebrating military victories
  • May 24, Our Lady Help of Christians, commemorates the defeat of one of history’s greatest generals (and most wicked men), Napoleon Bonaparte. 
  • August 6, The Transfiguration of Christ, was extended to the Universal Church by Pope Calixtus III to celebrate legendary Hungarian general János Hunyadi’s victory over the Turks at Belgrade in 1456. This feast has great significance for Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholic churches.
  • September 12, the Holy Name of Mary, celebrates the victory of John Sobieski and his Polish warriors over the Ottoman Turks at the gates of Vienna in 1683.
  • October 7, In thanksgiving for the victory at the Battle of Lepanto on the first Sunday(eventually a fixed feast on Oct 7) of October 1571, Pope St. Pius V ordered that a commemoration of the Rosary should be made on that day. 
Napoleon serving notice of imprisonment
on Pope Pius VII, Scarpelli, Tancredi (1866-1937)
May Our Lady intercedes against today's enemies of Christ

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