Twin Cities all boys Catholic high school rocked by scandal, theology teacher allegedly smoked marijuana with students

A St. Thomas Academy teacher fired last week by the all-male Catholic prep school admitted to police that she wrote a paper for a student in exchange for marijuana and smoked the drug with two students in her car, according to court records.

Kristin Marie Vanyo, 45, also told police investigators in a May 9 interview that she bought alcohol for students, according to an application for a search warrant filed this week in Dakota County District Court in Hastings.
In an interview with police investigators, according to court records, Vanyo said she bought $120 worth of alcohol for students before the school’s military ball and prom; wrote a paper for a student in exchange for marijuana; asked students to go out for drinks at a bar after school; offered to drive students to Duluth if they would skip school; and bought marijuana from a student.
St. Thomas Academy officials learned of her alleged behavior May 9 when a student who was being reprimanded for wandering in a school hallway said there were bigger issues going on. According to the court document, the student showed a school staff member a text message that he said he received from a teacher that read, “I’ve never wanted to cheat with anyone in my life, but I want to with you.”
Vanyo was fired from her job the day the allegations came to light, the school said last week.
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My only question is, I mean, it's an all-boys school right? But not an all male faculty?

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  1. Obviously the Church's teaching on a celibate, all-male priesthood is to blame. If only the teachers could get...oh wait.


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