Packers' national anthem plans continue to rile fans

A request by Green Bay Packers players for fans to join them in a show of unity during the national anthem before their game Thursday apparently did little to calm the debate.

Packers fans on Wednesday continued to blast the NFL, the team and players for what they perceive as showing disrespect for the nation, the flag, the military or the national anthem by sitting, kneeling, remaining in the locker room or locking arms during the national anthem. Supporters say players are peacefully exercising their free speech rights on the best stage available.

"We’ve had a steady stream of feedback beginning Monday morning and it continued into Wednesday. We’ve heard on both sides of the matter," said Aaron Popkey, Packers director of public affairs. "We take note of their concerns."
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So let me get this straight, it is OK for the NFL owners to refuse to sign Colin Kaepernick to a contract, but because Trump pointed out he should be fired, now NFL owners are the good guys.  Yeah, okay.

2017, we haven't been to Mars, cured cancer, have hover cars, and this is what dominates the news cycle, everyone protesting each other and no one even remembers why.

Vox: Can the NFL fire players for kneeling during the anthem? 9 Legal experts say yes.

The Federalist: 5 Problems With The NFL’s National Anthem Protest

Hard Data, Hollow Protests - FBI crime figures paint a very different picture of crime and policing than this weekend’s demonstrations suggest.

Domenech: When he was dying in Georgetown, Vince Lombardi would talk in his sleep. One night, according to David Maraniss’s biography, he yelled out: "Namath!" Lombardi shouted. "You're not bigger than football! Remember that!" Forget the celebrity. Forget the politics. They don't help. But the real problem is the damn game. It's just not good right now. Let's demand a better one, one where we actually want to see the highlights, instead of listening to overpaid commentators yell at each other all day about ephemeral political fights.

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