St. Bernard Church in Watertown reopens after restoration

Watertown Catholics celebrated the grand reopening of St. Bernard Church on September 17.

Boasting an iconic 193-foot steeple since 1873, and celebrated as the tallest structure in Watertown, St. Bernard has been one of the city’s most identifiable treasures.

Much-needed restoration

The much needed restoration, repainting, and repair of the church sanctuary, nave, main entrance, balcony, and stairways began in May 2017. Repairs to plaster, cleaning of historical artwork and stained glass, painting of religious statues, and the restoration of doors original to the 1873 church near the altar were some of the focus projects.

The cost of the project was funded by the $560,000 Aspire Campaign that was completed in 2011, and comprised of fundraising efforts and donations by the parish and community.
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It looks like they replaced the resurrect-ifix.


It looks like they may have wanted to take the after pictures in some better lighting, and not at night.... besides the crucifix the top seems to actually look better. 

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