Cardinal Cupich: Catholics must let go of ‘cherished beliefs’ to ‘discern’ like Pope Francis

Francis-appointed U.S. Cardinal Blase Cupich said that if Catholics want to engage in “discernment” like Pope Francis does, they must let go of “cherished beliefs.”

“It is our job to take up that discernment. It takes time. It involves discipline. Most importantly it requires that we be prepared to let go of cherished beliefs and long-held biases,” said the Archbishop of Chicago in a talk to the Catholic Theological Union published on YouTube October 27.

“It is this willingness of Francis to let go of the unnecessary and explore unchartered waters that gives him internal freedom, while unsettling some,” he added.
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And you must reject those "cherished beliefs" without dialogue or explanation.  The anti-intellectual progressives in the Church are much more ruthless than any anti-intellectuals on the traditional side.

Pray, hope, and don't worry - Padre Pio (we may need to run that quote by Cdl Cupich to find if that fits the Pope Francis ideology properly)

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