Cardinal Cupich launches “Amoris Laetitia” seminars for US bishops

The Archbishop of Chicago has invited some U.S. bishops to a series of conferences on the 2016 apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia. The seminars will be held at three Catholic colleges later this month.

According to a letter obtained by Catholic News Agency, the meetings, dubbed “New Momentum Conferences on Amoris Laetitia,” are designed to offer a “tailor-made program that goes from why Amoris Laetitia provides New Momentum for Moral Formation and Pastoral Practice to how to provide formative pastoral programs.”

“The aim is to gather fifteen to twenty Bishops to have a conversation with the aid of theologians on the related topics,” the letter said.
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I updated with a relevant "with the aid of theologians" moment in US Catholic history.

Cardinal Cupich called for a 'paradigm shift' in pastoral practice and said that the Pope recognised the need to 'listen' to abuse survivors


  1. Hopefully most good bishops will stay as far away from this particular train wreck as humanly possible.

  2. This is interesting. Cd Cupich just finished lecturing the Bishops of England on AL, effectively telling them that THE authentic interpretation was the one Pp F. blessed--in Buenos Aires.

    Now he's going to lecture the US Bishops on the same topic. Presumably, he will deliver the same message: Buenos Aires is the real deal.

    Francis is a wily fellow; he has plausible deniability, because HE is not on the circuit, Cupich is.

  3. Did not the pope say that he might be the pope of the schism? And he for sure told the youth to "make a mess". He is doing these things. He is a divider. That does not seem holy...

  4. This is bad news...


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