Champion Shrine to be featured on Megyn Kelly 'Faith in America' special

CHAMPION – A local shrine is getting some national news attention just in time for Easter. The draw is the shrine's renowned status and the many miracles people say have happened there.

The National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion will be featured Wednesday on Megyn Kelly TODAY.

The segment is part of a "Faith in America" series examining different aspects and the role of faith in the United States. The series is airing this week to commemorate Holy Week — the week leading up to the Easter Sunday celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, said Joshua Janiak, TODAY show producer.

Wednesday's segment on the shrine focuses specifically on miracles such as healing the sick and infirm.

The segment will highlight the story of Nancy Foytik, a Reedsville woman who is now five years cancer-free after she was previously diagnosed with terminal colon cancer and given just days to live. The woman made a remarkable recovery after her family prayed for her at the shrine.
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